Frequently Asked Questions

Humorous Mugs.  It's pretty self-explanatory, and yet I've come up with a few questions you may have while browsing the nascent selection of acerbically adorned drink-ware:

  • Curt and Surly are not people, though my mother thought they were when I introduced the company to her.  
  • CATALOG -  Yes, I realize that the front page and the catalog page display the same items.  Right now, things are new, so the selection is still limited.  In the future, I'll be adding designs and growing the Catalog.  At that point, the main page will have the six items featured at that moment, while the Catalog will have all of the designs.  So if that mug your friend bought you breaks and it's not featuring it on the main page, you can still replace it before they notice you've switched back to Styrofoam cups.  Styrofoam cups are bad for the environment, so you should order that replacement quickly, and maybe a few backups to avoid this situation in the future. 
  • SHIPPING - I realize that timing is almost everything in life, and reliability is hard to come by.  Unfortunately, the fantastic company that fulfills your orders has been a little all over the place with the timing of the shipping.  They take an average of two (2) days to produce and ship your mug(s) (hot off the press). While that's being straightened out, I'll need to request a bit of patience and understanding.  That said, please email with any issues or concerns, or to let me know about your experience.  Your feedback is my best barometer to ensure this issue has been addressed.
  • REPLACEMENTS - These mugs are great, and my suppliers are generally fantastic.  But sometimes things get mixed up, or aren't perfect upon arrival.  If that happens, please email and I'll be in touch immediately to rectify the situation.  Sometimes that may include a refund, sometimes a replacement mug, sometimes things just don't work out.  Usually common sense will dictate which of those three responses you'll receive.  If things get difficult, I've got a 12-sided die that I'll use to decide, so don't blame me if you don't like the response, blame whoever makes 12-sided dice.
  • If you like these designs and think you have an idea that should be on a mug, feel free to send me an email with your idea.  If my team of critics likes the idea, I'll let you know and send you one before I put it up on the website.  If they don't like the idea, well, you aren't any worse off than when you started reading this.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me directly at